AWS Certification Guide

When getting started with AWS I found it pretty complex to choose a certification and it took me a long time to select the right one for me. To make this decision easier for you I created this AWS Certification Guide that helps you to select the right certification.

These guides are built to help you pass the exam and understand what you are actually doing.


Choose this certification if you are new to AWS and don’t have any prior technical knowledge in the field of cloud computing. You will gain a solid overview of the services of AWS and be able to demonstrate your new learnings to your employer.

Who should choose this certification?

Everyone getting started with AWS or with cloud computing in general. It’s the ideal start for your new knowledge with the industry leader AWS. If you plan to work on a technical level on AWS, choose the AWS Solution Architect certification from the AWS Certification Guide.

How long will I have to learn to pass?

The answer depends greatly on your own learning type and prior knowledge. From my experience training people to pass this exam, you should plan at least around 10-15 hours for the preparation.

What can I do with it?

Use this certification to demonstrate your employer or dream employer the knowledge you have around AWS and differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

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