Wíth the new AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, AWS opens their certifications for non-technical people. This certification is ideal for everyone getting started with cloud computing. You should think about what kind of certification you are going for and what your goal is. If you work in marketing, sales or any non-technical role, this certification is definitely the right choice. You will get a great overall understanding of AWS cloud offering and what I think is really important as well, you will be able to write or talk about and put the AWS solutions into context. Want to work with the AWS Cloud on a technical level? You should start with another certification, have a look here what certification suits your needs: Certification Overview

Step 1

How long will I have to learn for it?

Everyone is different and so is the time required to learn for this exam. Since everyone loves a good estimate, I would go with 10-15 hours.

How will I learn in this guide?

Let’s work on this certification in three different steps:
  • Technical knowledge
  • Practical knowledge
  • Exam knowledge
You don’t want to spend your time learning through reading dry explanations. Its only fun and engaging when we combine the dry learnings with real-life applications. We will do this through easy and engaging tutorials, each will teach you about a specific domain of the cloud practitioner exam.

Let’s have a look at the structure of the exam

The exam will be 90 minutes and will roughly cover 60 questions. This is more than enough time to go through these questions at least 2-3 times. You can find the official exam outline here. Are you ready to start?

Guide Step 2

In this first step, I will present you all the resources you will use to pass the exam and introduce you to some sites that have great content, that we will leverage to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Technical knowledge

I tried most of the resources out there and spend quite some money using outdated or useless material. These courses are worth their money and I advise you not to skip them.

A Cloud Guru Certified Cloud Practitioner

A Cloud Guru is hands down the best resource out there for you to learn AWS with. Your teacher Ryan Kroonenburg will teach you almost everything there is to know for this exam. Just watching these videos will cover roughly 60-70% of everything there is to learn. This course will set you back 99$ if you buy it right away. Since this is quite a lot to spend on it, why not go for their monthly subscription and this will cost you only 29$ per month, while you will have full access to all of their courses.
You will not need more than 1 month to learn for this exam, just pay for a month of membership and enjoy the full content.

Practical knowledge

For practical knowledge, you will find many useful tutorials in the ACloud Guru course and under Learn AWS. Choose from the topics that you want to learn more on and just do some hands-on tutorials. I think its the best way to learn on the go (and the most fun).

Exam knowledge

With the technical knowledge from Acloud guru and the practical knowledge from the tutorials, the only thing that’s left is training for the real exam. You have two options here:
  • The A Cloud Guru exam simulator that is included in your subscription at A Cloud Guru.
    • This is a great start and I think you should use this for starters.
    • The questions seem a bit harder than on the actual exam, this can be discouraging when studying.
  • Whizlabs Exam training questions. From my experience, these questions are way better than the A Cloud Guru questions.
    • A lot of the questions on that I learned in the Whizlabs exams are 1:1 the same in the final exam.
My personal recommendation here is to use both to study.


Material needed for this course: Now that you are prepared with all the tools to start let’s begin:

Guide Step 3

1. Start Learning

Learning a completely new topic is always hard, but really just jump First of all start with the A Cloud Guru course:
When you finished this course you will have learned almost 60-70% of the exam!

2. Hand-on experience

Get some real hands-on experience in AWS. Here you will find a list of hands-on labs that follow the exam guidelines. So doing these labs will support your learning and deepen your understanding of the individual topics in AWS. Do as many as you like, jump around the topic and select the ones that you like. Bonus feature: You will create some fun projects like a small website or a WordPress blog and play around with Polly to do some text to speech. Here are the domains of the exam and the corresponding tutorials:

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts

Domain 2: Security

Domain 3: Technology

Domain 4: Billing and Pricing

3. Exam Question training

After you have gained some real hands-on experience and understands the basic concepts its time for you to study the exam questions. Since the questions in the exam are taken from a pool of questions there is a good chance that you will encounter some questions that you have already learned in the same or similar fashion. Please go to Whizlabs.com and get the Cloud Practitioner Practice tests.

Do some tests

For the first round of learning do all three practice exams and note down the questions/domains that you lack knowledge. Go back and learn the missing knowledge until you have no deeper gaps when encountering a different question from the same topic.

The trick part

If you noticed that the questions seem to be quite repetitive and you almost can guess a structure…. well you are right! Look no further, since you bravely learned to apply and understand the core concepts and did some hands-on practice, here is your cheat sheet to ace all the exam questions! The questions are built in a way that if you spot certain key questions, it’s ridiculously easy to know the right answer. You can download the PDF version here or open it in your browser


Final step: Go and sign up for an exam center near you here: https://www.aws.training/Account/LogOnOptions?returnUrl=%2fCertMetrics%2fSso And now good luck and I’m sure you are ready to pass! Thanks for following this guide, if you have any feedback for me please let me know at: edwin@elasticcb.com