Create your first AWS Account

In this quick tutorial, you will learn how to create your first AWS Account. This account will be needed to do any other hands-on labs.

The account itself is free and a lot of services are free to use. Just keep in mind to have a quick look if a service is free or paid. Amazon is really transparent with their pricing, so quickly google for “service pricing” and you will find it right away.

Have a look at the features of the free tier: (1 minute)

Create the account

Let’s start with creating your AWS Account

You can watch this 3-minute video or scroll down and follow the written instructions

Step 1.

Go to  and click on create an AWS account


Step 2.

Fill in your personal details and choose a strong password.

Step 3.

Select personal for a private account or register your company under the professional tab.

Step 4

Fill in your credit card details. This is necessary in

Step 5

AWS will call your phone and ask you to type in the number shown on your screen.

Step 6

Select the Basic Plan when you are getting started with AWS. This option is free, there is no benefit of choosing a paid option at this point.

Step 7

After waiting for a few minutes AWS will send you a confirmation email saying that your Account is now active. Click on Sign in to the Console to log in.

Good idea to set a bookmark here.

Login with your Email address and password



You have successfully set up your first AWS Account.

As Han Solo said: Here’s where the fun begins!

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